Coconut: The Miracle Fruit

How Coconut Can Become Part of Your Health Routine?

Coconut, it’s one of the best-kept secrets of food and health. Lately, it has dominated beauty trends, with women using it in a variety of ways. There have been numerous studies done to show the ways coconut can benefit your life. The MindBodyGreen blog highlights some of the ways that coconut can benefit your health, such as improve memory, prevent sickness and acne, and reduce blood pressure, just to name a few.

Students today are reaching for energy drinks, and other sugary, processed foods in alarming numbers. However, there are easy ways for students to make healthy food choices that will benefit them throughout their lives. Here are some easy ways to incorporate coconut into your diet:

Coconut Water

You will never reach for a sports drink again! Coconut water has the same electrolytes that sports drinks have, without all the sugar. It can give you the boost you need morning, day, and night. According to the MindBodyGreen blog, coconut water is filled with antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, and copper; keeping you hydrated and your brain and body working efficiently. Coconut water works great in smoothies too. Add some kale or spinach for an extra health boost!

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has many amazing benefits that few people know about. There have been studies done that it can improve acne, eczema, and even improve energy. Check out this chart to learn more! Now you should always be careful when trying natural products to treat certain conditions, always be sure to follow guidelines set out by your healthcare provider.

In addition to being a great natural healing product, it is also excellent for cooking. Coconut oil is a great substitute for olive oil and other cooking oils. Next time you are sauteing vegetables for a stir fry add coconut oil. Check out this veggie stir-fry recipe from Buzzfeed. Best part? You can substitute the canola oil for coconut oil.

At Walmart it is priced just below $7.00 for 14 fluid ounces.

How do you incorporate coconut products into your life? Let me know below!

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